How to correctly measure your bra size

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Having the correct Bra fitting is very important 

it can cause damage to your breast tissue and can cause an abscess if you wear a wired bra that pokes into your breast tissue. Wrong fitting braCheck that the wire fits nice and snug underneath and to the side of the breast but not touching the breast tissue.

Don’t let your boobs hang south, as they say, or part in different directions. It doesn’t give you a good look and can make you look bigger than you are. Grab a new bra, measured correctly, it will make you feel so much better. Bras are there for support and posture, as well as looking pretty or sexy! Help the bra work for you, by having the perfect fit.

Are you wearing right size?

Here are a few telltale signs that you may not be wearing the correct size bra: wrinkling in the cups, underwire poking into the sides of your breasts, a band that rides up and cup spillage. Many people make the mistake of going up in the band size if the bra feels tight, but it’s usually the cup, as this gives you an extra 2 inches on your band. Different brands fits differently so always try on before purchasing where possible. If  you find that a bra is to tight on the band, You can try and go up in the band size and down in the cup for example: 32B becomes 30A. Sometimes this can solve the issue. Always lift and adjust your breast to sit nice and  snug into the bra.

examples of wrong fitting bras


Wrong fitting braWrong fitting braWrong fitting braWrong fitting braCorrect bra

You can get yourself measured in most lingerie stores and department stores. The bra fitters in these stores have loads of experience and do it every day. You may feel a bit uncomfortable but it is well worth it. They will measure you and try some bras on you, until they give you the perfect fitting bra. Some women can wear any bra, where others can only wear certain designs, such as balcony or full cup, this is due to your breast shape, and fullness of your breasts. So it may be well worth a trip. But f you still feel uncomfortable then please try my guide below. This is from my personal experience as a bra fitter.

How to measure your underband:

  1. Place a tape measure just below where your bra sits
  2. Hold the tape flat around you with a snug fit
  3. Take note of the measurement and round it up to the nearest whole number.
  4. If the number is odd and 5
  5. if even add 4 e.g 32 becomes 36 33 becomes 38

Take busy measurement

Take Your Bust Measurement

Wrap the measuring tape snug around the fullest part of your chest, level with the nipple.Take note of the measurement and  Round up to the nearest whole number. This will give you a rough guide to your cup size. If your boobs are sagging a bit,  it might help to wear the best fitting bra you have. This will give you a much more accurate measurement.

Take busy measurement

Calculate Your Cup Size


Subtract your band size from your bust measurement Example: 37 inches (bust) – 34 inches (band) = 3 inches. That’s a 34C. 

Check the chart for your guide

Go to the Difference in cup after subtraction, this will give you the cup size underneath.

Difference in cup 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cup size AA A B C D DD E F  FF

Let’s see if the bra fits ?

Bend forward at the waist, then slip on the bra and fasten. This ensures your breasts are completely in the cups. Lift breast and place inside cup for a snug fit.

Adjust the band. The back of the bra should be level with the front. Always start by fastening on the first hooks, then as the bra ages and becomes looser, you can move to the second or third hook, for the same snug fit.u

Make sure the bra is not too loose.  slide one finger underneath the band. If more fits then the bra is to loose.

Fix falling straps. shorten the straps last after you have a snug fit on the cups and band.

Look at yourself sideways in a mirror. Your breasts should sit midway between your shoulders and elbows. If not, you need a more supportive and better-fitting bra.

If you need to go down a cup size for fit, go up one band size, and vice versa. For example, if a 34C is too big for you, go up in the band 36 but down in the cup to a B, 36B. If C cup is to small, then go down one in the band size to 32 but go up one in the cup to a size D, 32D

A well fitting bra will make you look like a million dollars! and keep your boobs looking perky.  Maybe your bra draw could do with a brand new collection in them and treat yourself to some great fitting bras! Let’s Celebrate our figures! and make yourself feel and look better, giving your clothes a better fit.