Dog collars




Dog collars Dog collars are one of the oldest tools used since the beginning of the human/dog interaction, and the purpose of it hasn’t changed a lot throughout history.

The first uses of collars

In the beginning, dog collars were used primarily for two purposes, to restrain the dog from running away (or to keep him under control) or the other purpose was to protect the dog’s neck when encountering predators (wolves, coyotes, bob cats, etc.), or in war battles.

Live stock guardian dogs, in many countries worldwide, even to this day, often wear spiked collars that can help protect their necks. In ancient times, dogs were excessively used in wars and conflicts. Being dressed up in heavy armour with large spiked collars, helped make them ferocious and well-respected warriors.

Dogs are very much the loved pet and very loyal so we look after them the best we can and buy them their collars to identify them.

a collar used to restrain or identify a dog.
Today we have dog collars of various different shapes, forms and uses.

Buckle (flat) dog collars
Slip Collars (choke chain)
Prong collars
Head halters (leaders)
Spray (citronella) collars