Protective Bottle Opener Case for iPhone 4

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Black Rubberized
 Non-Slip Grip Protective Bottle   Opener
 Case for iPhone 4

 With this cleverly designed phone case-  come-bottle opener,  

 you'll always be ready to crack open a brew!  iPhones and beer what's not to love?

This rubberised form-fitting phone case does much more than protect your mobile from bumps and scratches featuring an integrated stainless steel bottle opener, it's always on hand to crack open beers or prise pesky ring pulls open! Plus, because it's ribbed inner design ensures that pressure is kept away from your handset, you need never worry about causing damage to your beloved iPhone as you're popping open a cold one or two. Cheers!

To top it all off, this stylish, high quality case comes with a free app that counts the beers you crack open, displays images from your library and plays songs/sounds of your choice every time you use the bottle opener. Hic! What's more, you can even listen to customised app tracks like 5 O'Clock Somewhere, the Funky Monke and Annoying Mother-in-Law. Yes, believe it or not, cracking open a cold one just got even better!
>> Phone case-come-bottle opener opens bottle and cans case is fitted with an integral stainless steel opener
>> Use your own sounds from your iTunes library
>> Use your own pictures from your image library
>> Durable protective case made from ABS protective plastic
>> Rubberised non-slip grip
>> Two-part case comes apart so your phone can fit easily and snugly within
>> Please note: Only compatible with

iPhone 4