Plush sleeping baby keyring keycharm handbag accessory

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Plush Faux fur sleeping baby Keyring Bag Charm Keychain handbag accessory

Luxurious and elegant design

Highest quality will glam up any bag or anything you can clip it to!

Comes in many different colours ( please select from the drop-down list )
Color: hot pink, lilac, brown, spec brown, royal blue spec, brown spec, grey spec, black spec, black, purple spec, 2 tone lilac

Hottest bag charm of the season!

Unique Pom Pom baby shaped accessory
This super soft fluffy pom Pom baby is a 2-in-1 keyring and bag charm, it can also be used for mobile phone decoration, car mirror charm, pendant
Unique sleeping baby shaped accessory
Baby Size: 10cm in length 8cm wide
total length with keychain 15cm